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Wrigley Field construction update: January 30 polar vortex edition

Views of the ballpark on one of the coldest days in Chicago history.

You’ll remember, since it wasn’t that long ago, that I posted this “update” Wednesday afternoon when it was -17 in Chicago noting that there didn’t seem to be any work going on at the Wrigley Field 1060 Project and that I wouldn’t have asked David Sameshima or Sara Sanchez to go out in the brutal cold to take photos.

Unbeknownst to me — and I absolutely did not ask him to do this — David decided to go to the ballpark on his own Wednesday afternoon, so you have a photographic record of one of the coldest days in Chicago history at the corner of Clark & Addison.

Here’s David’s report:

Due to the weather, I was off work yesterday. I had to step out to experience a bit of the Arctic weather. I went out to take a few weather photos, but did not originally plan to visit Wrigley. Once I was out, and finished taking a few photos, I then decided to check out the ballpark.

Here are the photos I took. There wasn’t really much to see, which is why I did not plan to go. It is more apparent that the new construction in the right and left field corners must be elevator shafts. My guess is that the one is right field may be to service the Audi Club (formerly United Club) space on the second level, above the concourse. It does not appear to connect to the grandstand or the bleachers. The one in left field appears to service the bleachers. It doesn’t appear to connect to the grandstand.

Many of the businesses around the ballpark appeared to be closed, as you can see by the photos. It was too cold for me to take a closer look around. The only businesses I can confirm were open are Murphy’s Bleachers, Starbucks and 7-Eleven. It looked like all the businesses in Hotel Zachary were closed.

I did spot a few construction workers walking around inside the ballpark, as I walked around. I could see them wearing their fluorescent yellow jackets, or safety vests. As I was outside the Gate K/J area, I did see some workers heading into the ballpark. This was at 3:20 p.m. (photo 23)

Thanks to David for braving the cold to take these photos. The construction workers inside Wrigley were probably there working on the new high-end clubs, as those are underground and likely not affected by the extreme weather.

We hope to have more photos here this weekend, when temperatures could reach the 40s. (That forecast says it could be 51 by Monday!) And remember the Cubs home opener against the Pirates is now just 67 days away.