Music Thread A-Z (Part 2) D,E,F

Well I’d say this went over better than I expected. Has everyone put on their thinking caps for Part 2 (D,E,F)? I put my thinking cap on and then came to the realization that some of us are gonna have some real issues with some letters down the road.

O – isn’t really tough, but it could be for finding songs that you really like.
Q – not too easy
V – I’d categorize this one like "O".
X – not too easy
Z – not too easy

So I’ve decided to change the rules for these 5 letters. You can include artists whose last names start with these letters. If some of us are still having issues, then you can just include songs that start with these letters, regardless of the artist/band’s name. If you were thinking of using Zappa under F… you might want to hold off.

For those of you who are still sitting on the fence and have yet to enter your list for A, B, and C… jump off the fence and give up your list… there’s no deadline!

OK…. I started Part 1… someone else kick us off with Part 2. D, E, F.

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