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Wrigley Field construction update: January 5

Much has happened at the ballpark since our last update.

It was a bright, sunny Saturday in Chicago and so BCB’s Sara Sanchez headed over to the ballpark to take some photos.

The most significant thing you can see in these photos (photos 3-6 in the sequence) is the construction of what indeed looks like a base for new seating. This is probably somewhere in the area of a couple of hundred seats. Keep in mind that some seating has been eliminated in other areas due to construction of the new clubs, so the overall capacity of Wrigley Field is not likely to change much.

Beyond that, you can see that the construction in the left-field corner hasn’t changed much, although it’s a bit difficult to see due to the angle of the sun. It almost looked like a day nice enough to play baseball!

Lastly, photos 18-19 show the Bears ice sculpture that is one of four placed around the city to support the Bears in their playoff game Sunday against the Eagles. The sculpture wasn’t doing too well in the sun. Hopefully the Bears will do better this afternoon!

The home opener, Cubs vs. Pirates on April 8, is now just 92 days away, 13 weeks from tomorrow. Baseball, soon!