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What if we could go back and experience baseball as it was played almost 150 years ago?

We will, after a fashion, on this site next week. Here’s how it will go.

“Base Ball” (as it was then written, two words) in August 1870 between Troy and Philadelphia
Getty Images

On occasion, during the off-season, it’s fun to have a “historical re-creation game.” This month seems as good of a time as any. Baseball has a rich history. Frankly, so does “media time travel.” Taking a trip back in time will always have a few inconsistencies. If you know that’s the case walking in, and you don’t try to pick it apart, historical recreations can be fun. This article promotes an upcoming recreation.

I’m a bit of a fan of the genre of time-travel. Doctor Who has become a bit of an institution, complete with people convinced “their favorite episodes” are the best. I quite took to “Timeless” the last two years before it was canceled. “Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure” ran the genre rather well. Which “time disruption productions” have been your favorites?

This version of re-creative baseball will have a time-component. You’ll need to show up a week from tonight, Wednesday, January 16 to find out what the time-twist is, but some of you will doubtless pull it off better than I will, despite no prep time. The current Chicago Cubs will play “a team in the past.” Perhaps, baseball was played differently back then.

As much as possible, that night, I will attempt to remain “in character”. I doubt any signings added between now and then will be included in the proceedings. Will I play Addison Russell? Who would you expect to be the first man up out of the pen?

As per usual, we’ll have a pre-game thread, starting at 6:30 Central time on the 16th. The first pitch, weather permitting, is 7:05. As the game concludes, a post-game thread will note which game was being played, who the stars of the game were, and include any unfinished business.

If you were running a historical recreation game, which era would you lean toward? Which specific players would you like to see included? Can I manage to run a historical game opposite a trade in the real-world? Which could lead to a recreated hugline, that didn’t exist in the first place? How Marty McFly?

I look forward to seeing you mid-month as the Chicago Cubs take on the (insert opponent here).