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Cub Tracks fights evil

The right group to fix the Cubs, and other bullets

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Colorado Rockies vs Chicago White Sox
welcome to the jungle
Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Cubs are so out of the loop that ESPN hasn’t had a Cubs-related article in eight days. If that ain’t symbolic I don’t know what is... anyway, I did watch Saturday afternoon’s game, or at least was in the room while it played, which turned out well as the stinkin’ Cardinals lost.

Two more like that and I’ll feel slightly better about the universe — it’d be fine if the series didn’t get back to St Louis. I’m warming to the idea of the Nationals winning it all for the Hawk and Rock and guys like Warren Cromartie and Ellis Valentine, and Steve Rogers and Tim Wallach, all of whom were on the best team in baseball in 1981 and didn’t win a thing, foreshadowing the events of 1994. Thanks, Jeffrey Loria. And thanks, MLB. You do such a great job. I never thought I’d look fondly back at the reign of Bowie Kuhn. Ugh. We thought at the time that it was the end of the world.

I dunno where that was supposed to be going, but I don’t have any better ideas, so we’ll just let that one hang like an Adam Wainwright curve...

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