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Cub Tracks and the epoch of incredulity

Getting older to get better, the next phase of reckoning, and other bullets

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Chicago Cubs World Series Celebration Photo by Jim Vondruska/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Wait, you, until the subsequent season!

No Cubs baseball today. We have everything behind us, and nothing before us. There’s little to justify any national boasting.

The Cubs were supposed to be on the same page as Houston, you know. And they still might be, but as a footnote, perhaps a cautionary tale, though in truth the full story has yet to be written. I’m trying like hell to be bullish but my general instinct, trained by years and years and year of Cub misadventures, goes bearish.

Pretty much all I wanted from the playoffs is for St Louis and New York not to be in the World Series. Otherwise the postseason is an intermittently interesting interlude while I’m waiting for the Cubs various narratives to resume. I don’t know what to do... this incarnation of Cub Tracks hasn’t known an October that didn’t feature postseason games. It’s hard to recalibrate. I don’t particularly enjoy the people that run the sport (any major sport, really, as they are all long rows of miscellaneous criminals, making paper money and spending it) and that makes watching difficult at the best of times... and while this is hardly the worst of times, it would scare the Dickens out of me to endure this winter of despair every year, the way it used to be, with only the ‘regular’ season.

All these things, and a thousand like them, came to pass in and close upon the dear old year two thousand and nineteen.

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