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Joe Espada is getting a second interview with the Cubs

The Astros bench coach is a busy guy.

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The American League pennant celebration was barely over for the Houston Astros when their bench coach, Joe Espada, had another piece of business to take care of:

Mark Feinsand is correct — Theo & Co. must have been quite impressed with their interview with Espada last week.

This could mean everything, or nothing. They might really be serious about hiring him and want to talk to him again. Or maybe they just want to pick his brain a second time. Espada is definitely well-qualified to be a manager in the major leagues, with his extensive coaching experience and now being the bench coach for a World Series team.

Espada will be busy again starting Tuesday as the Astros will be taking on the Nationals in the World Series, which starts that night in Houston. So this would have been the only opportunity to talk with him for more than a week.

Personally, I’d still rather the Cubs hire David Ross. But if they do choose Espada, I’ll certainly root for him to succeed.

As always, we await developments.