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The Marquee Network hires WGN’s Bob Vorwald

The veteran Cubs TV producer is joining the team’s new TV channel.

Al Yellon

This is a behind-the-scenes announcement for the Marquee Sports Network, the Cubs’ new TV channel, but it might mean more to the channel than any on-air hire they make (other than Len and JD).

The network announced Tuesday that they have hired longtime WGN-TV Cubs executive producer Bob Vorwald as a special advisor to the channel’s general manager Mike McCarthy. Vorwald will continue in his current role as WGN’s production manager.

This is an outstanding hire by the Marquee Network. Vorwald, a Chicago-area native who has written two Cubs-related books: “Cubs Forever: Memories from the Men Who Lived Them” and “What It Means to Be a Cub,” has been the EP of Cubs baseball at WGN since 1998 and has a deep knowledge of Cubs television and what Cubs fans like to see on their TV broadcasts.

In a statement, Vorwald said, “I am grateful to Marquee for offering me the chance to extend my passion for Cubs baseball and to everyone at WGN for allowing me to pursue this unique opportunity.”

McCarthy added in a statement: “Bob will bring a sense of history and perspective that only someone deeply connected to Cubs television can bring. We have an enormous amount of respect for the Cubs’ legacy position in the annals of sports television and bringing Bob in to ensure we have that sensitivity permeate our broadcasts is a decision we came to quite easily.”

McCarthy is correct. I’m very happy that the new network will have someone on board who’s very familiar with the Cubs and Cubs TV and can bring that sensibility and knowledge to Marquee Network telecasts. This should make the Cubs game broadcasts — and other shows on the new network — feel familiar to you as Vorwald helps bring a lot of the WGN history to the Marquee Network.

Congratulations to Bob Vorwald and the Marquee Network for this new partnership.