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Make up your own crazy Kris Bryant trade

It’s trade season. But it’s also silly season. Let’s have some fun.

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It seems very likely that the Cubs will trade one of their “core” players this offseason, and personally, I think Kris Bryant is going to be that guy.

Why? Largely because he’s got two years of team control remaining (unless the grievance currently being decided goes in his favor, in which case that drops to one year), which could be attractive to a team dealing for him. He’s very likely not going to sign a contract extension with the Cubs, so why not get some value now?

I’ve already written four articles here regarding possible trade proposals or rumors this offseason regarding KB: here, here, here and here.

This one’s going to be a bit different, and I want your participation. Here are the ground rules: Make up a Kris Bryant trade that’s plausible, but crazy. Something neither of the teams involved might have thought of, but just might work. We’re heading into a holiday weekend, so let’s have some fun.

Here’s my proposal: Kris Bryant and Jose Quintana to the White Sox for Lucas Giolito.

Now that’s bold, right? The Cubs would save $29 million (per MLB Trade Rumors’ estimate of KB’s arbitration salary plus Q’s $10.5 million), and get a really good young (he’s 25) starting pitcher with four years of team control (and one more year before he’s arb-eligible). The Cubs would then have enough money available to sign Mike Moustakas as a replacement at third base for KB, perhaps a three-year, $48 million deal, something along those lines. Or maybe even splurge on Anthony Rendon.

The Sox get a pitcher back who had success with them... and at least two years’ worth of Kris Bryant. Of course, they’d have to be willing to spend that kind of money. Giolito is still pre-arb this year. On the other hand, the Sox have already spent quite a bit of money this winter on Yasmani Grandal and Jose Abreu.

Hey, I said these are supposed to be crazy. But who says no to that? And just a reminder... this proposal is not any sort of rumor I heard anywhere. I just made it up.

Now it’s your turn. Make up a wild, yet plausible trade involving Kris Bryant and post it in the comments.


Kris Bryant and Jose Quintana for Lucas Giolito...

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