MOVIE THREADS 2020 starts Wednesday, January 8th!!!

We're going to try doing some movie threads during this off season to run parallel with the Music Threads, and I'm the host, at least until I'm impeached. Interest seems to be a little lukewarm so far, so we'll do a short run, and if it's a hit it can be extended next year.

This is the schedule:

Week 1, Wednesday January 8:

  • TOP 10 ALL-TIME movie list. Give us your list of the 10 best movies ever made.

Week 2, Wed. January 15

  • Top 5 Guilty Pleasures
  • Top 5 Hidden Gems
  • Top 5 Baseball Movies
Week 3, Wed. January 22
  • Top 10 movie songs and/or soundtracks
Week 4, Wed. January 29
  • Top 5 performances all-time by an Actor male or female
  • Top 5 directors all-time
  • Top 5 movie scenes all-time
The more participants, the better. It doesn't matter if your tastes are in modern cinema, classics, submarine movies, mafia movies, or a combo. I hope to get a whole bunch of movie ideas from others, just like I did in the music threads.

The posts will go out each Wednesday with more detailed instructions , but it's pretty self explanatory. If possible, with each entry, give a little text about why you chose it and include a clip if possible. PLEASE stay within the limits to follow the spirit of the event.

Also, please hit rec for this post as well as the MUSIC THREAD post by Cooler to keep these from being washed off the front page.

See you in January!

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