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Cub Tracks’ the torture never stops

Removing the core. and other bullets

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Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

This winter just gets sillier and sillier. Just because the Cubs are willing to part with a player or two doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly open to dealing off the whole core corps. Or does it? I thought maybe we had had enough of that kind of irresponsible speculation, but perhaps not, as it keeps on coming.

So Kyle Schwarber is going to be a Yankee, Kris Bryant goes to hang with Bryce Harper and feel the brotherly love and maybe answer some clown questions. Please no Jean Segura though — maybe in 2010 but not 2020. That’s a serious lack of vision.

Willson Contreras might be taking his hand jive to Flushing, says the same scalawag that had Bryant heading east.

Strikes against fan apathy, I suppose. Wide of the mark but the closest we can get for now, until the Cubs sign someone of use to the 26-man roster. IF they sign someone useful to the 26-man roster...

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