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Cub Tracks’ dumb show

The minor-league price range, the college of coaches, and other bullets

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Someone needs oversight
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The diamond is in rough shape. I really have trouble buying into the mindset that teams that spend millions and millions of dollars are suddenly poor because of some arbitrary ceiling that’s imposed as a de facto salary cap. It’s BS, plain and simple. No explanation will make it okay. It’s collusion, in the classic sense of the word.

Granted that you can’t buy championships — the New York Steinbrenners proved that. But you can remain competitive as a result of star-studded rosters. Take a page from the memo book of the Los Angeles bat-Dodgers... it’s delusion, in the classic sense of the word.

Symptoms of some quasi-social disease? Very likely. Stop me before I wax political and the floor gets slippery with grease as we trot out the classics. You CAN make a silk purse out of a pig in a poke — just ask the people who run sports-for-profit. It’s confusion, in the classic sense of the word.

This two-year non-spending trend has become a bit embarrassing for such a big-market team. It’s one thing for the Cubs to not throw their financial weight around during the winter. But to miss out on complementary pieces because the budget is so tight that upgrading the team requires trading players who make significant money? It’s not only laughable, it’s unacceptable. — Sahadev Sharma {$}.

Maybe they should all report to Grover. The most profane of the Sesame Street characters, you know. Oscar’s my favorite, and a role model, but that’s a whole different can of worms and we’ll save that for another day.

Blue Christmas indeed. Happy holidaze. All I want under my tree is a competitive squad. That won’t fix the endemic problems with sportsball in general, but it’ll make the hundreds of hours I’ll spend watching, reading about, and writing about the Cubs a little more bearable, while they try to duck under the luxury tax threshold this year (yep, a one-year attempted tank) so they can go over it next year without the three-successive-years penalty. It’s like fixing the broken car window with saran wrap and duct tape — I’ve been waiting all my life for this team and I think it’s irresponsible to play these games in this manner. I feel cheated. I am not having fan apathy. I’m having fan antipathy. I hate this part.

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Seriously. It’s not under the tree. Look again.

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