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Cub Tracks homes in

Service-time issues, RIP Ryan, it was aliens all the time, and other bullets

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Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

It’s not the ‘service-time issue’. It’s complicity in collusion that’s driven the Cubs’ offseason to a halt, frustrated the fans, and excited sportswriters looking for a story buried in the outfield ivy like Andre Dawson. The owners, through their mouthpiece Rob the Poor, have decided on a de facto salary cap and pinned it to the ‘luxury tax’. We’ll probably talk a bit more about that as there aren’t likely to be a lot of happenings during the coming week, and frankly it interests me enough to investigate.

Let’s call it the tacit declaration of interdependence by the bourgeoisie. Or not.

Kris Bryant’s service-time issue is a driver, and certainly adds the stochastic wrinkle to prognostications, but it isn’t the main factor. The main factor is ownership massaging the bottom line. That’s how there became a service-time issue in the first place.

Seriously. The emperor doesn’t have a stitch on. It’s effing naked greed on display. And it’s clobbering the game the way Gallagher clobbers watermelons. There’s no way you can convince me that the Cubs are losing money, or are in any danger of losing money anytime soon. They’re just NOT.

I don’t pretend these observations are original or highly observant. But I do hold these truths to be self-evident. There likely ain’t no way us peons can change things. We’re too busy being oppressed, but a prole can dream, yes? They can’t take that away... yet.

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