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Joe and Jaye Maddon thank Chicago in full-page Tribune ad

This holiday message reflects the five years Joe managed the Cubs.

Former Cubs manager Joe Maddon and his wife Jaye bought a full-page ad in the sports section of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, thanking Cubs fans “for your passion, for your open hearts and minds, for forging everlasting relationships, and for sharing your beautiful city with Jaye and me.”

The ad includes several of Maddon’s famous sayings coined during his five years as Cubs manager, including “Never permitting the pressure to exceed the pleasure” and “Do simple better,” mantras that we hope Cubs players will remember for generations to come. That’s the legacy Maddon has left in Chicago, a complete change in clubhouse culture that helped the team throw off a century of failure and win the World Series.

I wrote my appreciation of Joe’s five years as Cubs manager here last September 30, just after it was announced his contract wouldn’t be renewed. I’ll only echo what Joe and Jaye wrote at the bottom of their ad, to them: “Cheers and Happy Holidays!” And thanks for everything. Looking forward to seeing Joe as Angels manager March 2, 2020 at Sloan Park in Mesa.

The full ad is below. For an even larger version click here.