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Cub Tracks sleighs me

Strangling the sport, the first female coach, and other bullets

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Relevant to continuing discussion: A brief history of labor relations in baseball, from Cot’s. 1968-2021 inclusive. I don’t think we need to concern ourselves much with previous years unless something comes up. If you really want to get serious, Cornell has most pro sports.

Baseball’s numbers game threatens to strangle the sport, say Kelly Candaele and Peter Dreier. That article is particularly instructive in view of comments by such luminaries as Jon Lester, who cares not for data, and is indicative of the undercurrent of dissension that has been surfacing more and more as 2021 draws nearer.

The MLB labor board is stocked with people who have labor relations as a career specialty (Rob Manfred is one of these), and the players have distressingly few — otherwise Marvin Miller would have been a Hall-of-Famer long ago. Bud Selig helped write this. Yes, Al. It’s a bad sign. Selig teaches a class on the history of MLB since WWII.

I harbor grave doubts about Tony Clark’s abilities as a representative and labor negotiator and am bearish on the players’ chances of achieving any significant concessions, especially as the membership themselves seem to be torn about what they want, and I am beginning to suspect that the game I love is slowly being swept out to sea as surely as Shannon, and that the outcomes are manipulated as surely as WWE matches, if the WWE were run by Bene Gesserit.

Kris Bryant is the Cubs’ player rep.

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