WINTER 2020 MUSIC THREADS - WEEK 1 (Sad/Haunting Songs)

Hello all! As explained in my fanpost on Dec. 13th (click here for the link), we are starting the Music Threads tonight. A new thread/subject will take place every week for 8 weeks. Each week will have a different host. Next Friday will be Bret's turn. He already told us his subject in the comments of the fanpost linked above, but he can explain it again in this thread. Week 3 will be Exile's thread. He'll tell us his subject in a few days so that we all have ample time for his thread. The +/- 12 days notice will continue throughout this series so that every host can get everyone thinking about their thread with more than enough time to compile what will be needed.

Part 1 will be some of your favorite sad/haunting songs. Please list up to 10 songs, but no more than 12 songs. :)

I'll start us off...

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