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Cub Tracks drops the ball

Cubs news — Behind the scenes with Justin Stone, procrastinating baseball writers, and other bullets

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Sosa sign

“It’s not about how much you spend,” Tom Ricketts said on The Score’s Mully & Haugh Show (10/30/2019). “It’s about how much you win. And the correlation between spending and winning is not nearly as strong as we’d like it to be...” — Patrick Mooney {$}.

This defines the offseason so far.

The Cubs did not hit the luxury tax in 2018, so this was only a 20 percent tax on the overages. If they eclipse the threshold again in 2020, they will be looking at a 30 percent luxury tax and would see their top draft pick drop 10 spots if they go over by $40 million. - Tony Andracki.

There’s your cost.

Oh, I can hear it now:

Theo, to Marc Pollack (Rizzo’s agent): “Hi Marc. How ya doin’? Look, I have been thinking hard about Anthony and his family’s needs going forward, and I’d like to talk to you about Bobby Bonilla.”

Pollack: <click>

Theo redials. “Hi Marc. I think we accidentally got cut off.”

Pollack: “No, we didn’t. I hung up on you. Bobby Bonilla? I don’t think so. We’re interested in a couple less years than that, and a couple more zeros. This is the face of the Chicago Cubs, a special human and terrific player.

“Make me a real offer.”

Theo: <sigh> “You know I have my limits...”

Pollack: “Call me when you can. I have press to do.” <click>

“The Cubs have informed us that they will not be offering Anthony an extension at this time. Anthony has let his desire to be a Cub for life known to the organization. Although we do not know what the future holds, a deal to make that happen will not be addressed now.”— Marc Pollack.

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Que? This doesn’t look to be on Javy’s Instagram account. What is it anyway? Weird.

mmkay then.

Food for thought:

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