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The Cubs are working on a minor-league deal with Brandon Morrow

Hey, you never know.

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Brandon Morrow’s tenure with the Cubs didn’t end the way anyone would have liked. He pitched only half a season with the team, before the 2018 All-Star break. He was dominant then, but injuries have prevented him from throwing a single pitch since.

Last month, Morrow hinted he might be willing to sign a minor-league deal with the team. Here’s what his agent, Joel Wolfe, said in a Sun-Times article linked in that BCB story:

“I don’t believe Brandon would sign with anyone else until the Cubs decide what they want to do,” Wolfe said. “The Cubs invested a lot of time into Brandon, and money, of course, and Brandon feels a certain sense of loyalty and obligation back to the Cubs to stay with them if they want him on a minor-league contract or something like that.

“He signed with the Cubs because he thought they were the best organization out there for him, and he still believes that.”

That’s a refreshing attitude. Now, it appears this is going to happen:

There is zero risk to a minor-league deal for Morrow. If he still can’t pitch, he’d likely be released at the end of spring training, no hard feelings. If he can get back to his 2017-18 level of performance, that’s a huge bonus.

The Cubs have already paid Morrow $3 million as a 2020 buyout for his previous contract. If he truly feels the way his agent claims, perhaps if Morrow makes the team he’d do it for the minimum salary plus incentives.

This is a no-lose deal for the Cubs, and it could be a big win.