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The Cubs have released their full promo schedule for 2019

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... and the bobbleheads have interesting titles.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier this month I posted the Wrigley Field promotional dates that were listed on the Cubs’ pocket schedules handed out at January’s Cubs Convention.

Tuesday, the Cubs released the full promo schedule. In addition to the dates listed at that link, there are also the following giveaways not noted in my earlier article. All of these are to “up to” the first 10,000 fans (and again, don’t get me started, they should be doing at least twice that many).

May 26: Camo athletic shirt
June 24: Cubs bucket hat
June 25: Compact umbrella
June 27: Cubs cocktail stones (I have no idea what these are)
August 22: Cubs ice “Cub-E” tray
August 30: Cubs three-quarter sleeve T-shirt

In addition, the Cubs revealed who will be featured on the five player bobbleheads to be given away this year. There are no images of these bobbleheads on the Cubs promo page, but the titles hint that they will depict the players in a non-baseball setting.

May 10: Cole Hamels “Hang Loose” bobblehead
June 21: Anthony Rizzo “Out On The Water” bobblehead
July 15: Kris Bryant “Round of Golf” bobblehead
July 19: Jon Lester “On the Farm” bobblehead
September 15: Pedro Strop “Karaoke Night” bobblehead

That last one ought to be interesting.

A couple of notes to wrap this up. On June 20, the Cubs are giving away what they call a “Javier Baez Sliding Coin Bank.” As was noted in the comments to my earlier article, this could probably be called the “Sliding Javier Baez Coin Bank,” because at least from this image, it looks like Javy is the one doing the sliding:

Or, maybe the coin slides too. Guess we’ll find out June 20.

Lastly, the cap giveaways on Fridays to bleacher fans only (first 5,000) are termed “Cubs Cap Artist Series.” No images are shown, but these could be quite interesting.