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Wrigley Field construction update: February 15

Lots of things are covered up at the ballpark, but work goes on underneath those tarps.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez headed out in the cold Friday afternoon to take photos of the 1060 Project at Wrigley Field. Here’s her report:

The sun was out but it was a brutally cold day at Wrigley Field. The left and right field corners were mostly all covered up now that the new seats are in, but that doesn’t mean the crews have stopped working, they’ve just shifted towards the marquee and Gallagher Way.

Near the marquee there are some black pipe looking structures set up on the scaffolding. You can also see the iron work going in around the park on both sides. Crews are busy at all levels of the park and I might have stopped in the middle of Addison to take a picture of a worker walking on the roof near the marquee.

While I wasn’t able to catch any crane action shots there are a lot of cranes set up around the old ballpark taking material from the ground level and trucks to the upper levels. There are also concrete mixers in the Gallagher Way area.

One final note: As Al noted earlier this week, the Cubs and the city of Chicago finally came to a consensus on the player parking lot. I headed over to that area to take some pictures and while I did catch one truck moving in the lot there hasn’t been a lot of progress there. The sun was also in exactly the wrong spot for lot pictures while I was there, however I’ll be keeping an eye on this and will try again to get those pictures next week.

Despite the cold, the home opener at Wrigley is getting closer! April 8, Cubs vs, Pirates, is now just 51 days away.