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A look at Cubs spring training season tickets

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... along with some information about price points.

Willson Contreras on a Cubs spring season ticket

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — The Cubs have gone all-mobile for season tickets at Wrigley Field this year. If you want them printed, you can have that done (for a price!), but you simply get the same ticket someone would get at the box office, not on special season ticket stock.

This isn’t the case for spring training tickets, fortunately, for those of us who like attractive season tickets on heavier, glossy stock. The team is still issuing nicely-printed tickets for Sloan Park season ticket holders.

Here’s the full ticket from which I took the image at the top of this post:

The 18 tickets feature, in order: Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward, Kyle Schwarber, Jose Quintana, Ian Happ, Yu Darvish, Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Hendricks, Albert Almora Jr., Cole Hamels, Ben Zobrist, Pedro Strop, and then different photos of Baez, Bryant and Contreras for the last three. The ticket photos are similar to these images which are on the outside walls at Sloan Park:

Al Yellon
Al Yellon

As you can see above, the season-ticket price for my lawn ticket for the final spring game, March 26 vs. the Red Sox, is $25. The other game vs. Boston, March 25, is also priced at $25. Currently, if you want a lawn ticket for either of those games from the box office or online, it’s $47 (plus fees).

Lawn prices for the other 16 Sloan Park games this spring are as follows.

$10: 2/25 vs. Padres, 2/28 vs. Athletics
$14: 2/23 vs. Brewers, 2/26 vs. Diamondbacks, 3/3 vs. White Sox, 3/6 vs. Royals, 3/12 vs. Reds
$20: 3/2 vs. Brewers, 3/7 vs. Rockies, 3/14 vs. Rangers, 3/17 vs. Rockies, 3/19 vs. Mariners, 3/20 vs. Dodgers
$25: 3/9 vs. Angels, 3/21 vs. Giants, 3/22 vs. Rangers

I find it a bit odd that a Saturday (3/2) game vs. the Brewers is priced higher than a Sunday (3/3) game vs. the White Sox (and the single-game pricing at the link below shows the Sox game likely has higher demand), and that a game against the Angels is in the highest price tier even though it’s on a weekend. There’s certainly no guarantee that Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani will play in that game.

The $25 price for Friday, March 22 against the Rangers is obviously anticipating that date as a lead-in to spring break week. Lastly, two games against the Rockies priced at $20 are apparently trying to push that as a “rivalry” given last year’s wild-card game. Usually, the Rox wouldn’t be that much of a draw.

Tickets at various price levels are still available for all spring games, though some have only lawn tickets remaining. The very early start to this schedule could keep crowds down in the first week of games, especially given this unusually cold weather outlook for the western United States:

As of now, it looks like the weather for the first game a week from today will be partly cloudy, but with temperatures only in the mid-50s. Which would be perfectly fine for Opening Day at Wrigley, but is about 15 degrees below average for Mesa this time of year.

Still, it’ll be baseball, actual games, and beginning in just seven days.