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Wrigley Field construction update: February 18

It’s still cold in Chicago, but the sun peeked out from behind the clouds at the 1060 Project today.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez headed over to Wrigley Field on a chilly holiday morning and filed this report:

There was a break in the snow this afternoon so I took a walk over to the ballpark to see how construction is going. Most of the activity on the left and right field seating areas looks like it’s wrapped up — literally. The seats on both areas are under wraps and what had previously been two of the busiest areas of construction is now relatively quiet.

The action has moved to the upper grandstand where metal work took place over the weekend to finalize the welding on arches around the exterior of the park. You can see a short video of this work I took on Saturday below, the angle isn’t great, but the light from the welders still gives a pretty cool effect. In that video you’ll also notice that here is another elevator like structure in the upper left grandstand.

Currently the most active area of the park is around Gallagher Way, where there is a lot of scaffolding set up around the new metal arches and workers can be seen walking along the exterior of the upper grandstand. There is also a bit more work near the marquee.

The home opener between the Cubs and Pirates is getting closer! It’s just seven weeks from today, April 8.