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Fun with 2019 Cubs photo day

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The annual ritual always produces some interesting poses.

MESA, Arizona — One of the rituals for major league baseball players every spring is to pose for team and media photographers. These shots get used in a variety of ways; you’re probably most used to seeing them on player pages on various websites, or in the pitcher previews I do here at BCB.

If you think this kind of work is easy, think again. The players had to report to Sloan Park before dawn Wednesday to begin the shoot at 7 a.m. That was before a full day of workouts. The team was supposed to have its annual spring training golf outing Thursday, but it’s cold (barely 50 degrees, hey, that’s cold for the Phoenix area this time of year!) and rainy in the Valley of the Sun and the outing was cancelled.

Enjoy this selection of photos from the shoot, taken by Jamie Squire of Getty Images and Joe Camporeale of USA Today Sports. I’ve got many of the regulars and rotation covered here. Ben Zobrist has been away from camp on an excused absence, so he’s not included in the gallery.