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Wrigley Field construction update: February 22

It’s sunny in Chicago, but still chilly, as work continues.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez headed over to Wrigley Field Friday afternoon to check out the progress of the 1060 Project. Here’s her report:

Don’t let the clear blue sky fool you, even though the sun made a rare appearance in Wrigleyville it’s still very cold near the old ballpark. I took a walk by the field on Friday to check in on the progress.

While the work in the right field and left field corners has calmed down there was a bit of plastic sheeting down by the corner of Sheffield and Addison and I was able to see some of the stucco work on the side of the new seating in right field. I imagine they will leave that space open in left field.

Most of the activity is currently focused on the Addison and Clark sides of the park. Specifically you can see wood work being done on the iron arch work, a lot of work on the upper concourse where it looks like there will be additional patio space and finishing touches being put on some of the exterior above the marquee. There are a lot of cranes currently in action both near Gallagher Way and on the Addison side of the park lifting siding, insulation and even generators into the ballpark. The ballpark opens in 45 days and the construction crews are working at an impressive pace to make sure it’s ready.

Most interesting to me here is that the terra cotta look has now been extended to the Addison side of the ballpark, replicating the look Wrigley had back in the 1930s, as you can see in this Flagstaff Films World Series 1938 home movie:

We’ll have more photos here either over the weekend or early next week.