Music Thread A-Z (Part 9) Y,Z, Numbers, Symbols

We made it to the last part of the alphabet MT. It was a lot of fun, and I want to thank everyone who participated. Special thanks to Al for compiling all of these threads in this series into one easy to find thread, WINTER 2019 MUSIC THREADS. That was an awesome thing to do, Al!

Y is supposed to be songs by artists/bands that start with Y. If you altered it, no biggie. We were talking about altering it anyway somewhere in this series. Z is for any artist/band OR song title that has Z anywhere in the name/song title. Numbers is for any artist/band OR song title that contains a number.

Symbols was a bonus suggested by TC. It is for any artist/band OR song title that contains a symbol. A symbol is considered anything that is not a letter or number.

Due to all of the altered rules along the way, any artist/band can be used up to 2 times in this series.

Coolio suggested doing a regrets thread after this thread. This would be up to 10 songs by artists/bands that you did not list anywhere in this series. If you talked about one in a comment, but didn't list them, then that can still be used as a regret. I think it sounds fun. Let me know how you all feel about doing a regrets thread... or should we just end it here? I'm good either way.

Al, Schoolly, SchnetzNole, Bret, MN exile, Hairy, Coolio, and I have all taken our swings batting first. We need a new leadoff hitter!

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