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Cub Tracks marvels at the news

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Follow the Leader, in Victor we trust, Prince Albert in a can, and other bullets

The Leader, as Kirby and Lee saw him.
Marvel comics group

Fresh from its 36-hour command performance at TMC, Cub Tracks is once again free, and well-provisioned with a panoply of nostrums and injection and detection devices intended to prevent idiopathic blood-sugar surges. Plus a cool new bracelet and a score of so of puncture wounds. In other words, I’m in the best shape of my life. Round is a shape. And it’s a good shape for pin-cushions.

I’m awfully sweet — I got up to 617. Not to sugar-coat things, but it’s complicated. And that’s the end of that stuff. Baseball is complicated enough. Let’s stick with that and try not to salt the open wounds.

In Victor we trust
Marvel comics group

Yay us. Baseball is going to happen soon. Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

The Cubs announced Friday that Mark Johnson (formerly the Double-A Tennessee manager) has been promoted to the role of Minor League catching coordinator. He assumes the role vacated by Tim Cossins, who joined Orioles manager Brandon Hyde’s staff in Baltimore as the Major League field coordinator and catching instructor.

Johnson’s promotion caused a ripple effect throughout the Cubs’ Minor League hierarchy. New roles were assigned to Jimmy Gonzalez (Double-A Tennessee manager), Steven Lerud (Class A Advanced Myrtle Beach manager), Lance Rymel (Short Season A Eugene manager), Ricardo Medina (Rookie-level Arizona League Mesa manager), Ty Wright (Myrtle Beach hitting coach) and Michael Carter (Eugene hitting coach). — Jordan Bastian.

“It’s more of a base,” Almora said of his new stance. “If I’m upright and I have a leg kick, the timing has got to be perfect for everything to click. I’ll still have power if everything’s perfect. But if I’m a little wider, I have more leeway with having my bat through the zone longer. I just want to feel strong with every part of my swing.” — Sahadev Sharma {$}.

Food for thought:

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