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Wrigley Field construction update: February 3

It was much warmer Sunday than it was the last time we checked in.

Sunday’s temperatures were around 50 degrees warmer than Wednesday afternoon, when BCB’s David Sameshima made his previous visit to Wrigley Field, so it was a good time to check in on the 1060 Project and its progress.

There are a few specific things I want to call your attention to from David’s photo set.

First, the ice rink at Gallagher Way closed a week ago. But the rink (photo 35) is still up, not yet dismantled.

Next, it seems quite clear that the structures being built in the right field and left field corners are elevator shafts. There’s also an elevator shaft being constructed on the west side of the ballpark that will lead to the upper deck (photo 37). At this time there doesn’t seem to be a similar structure on the upper deck in right field (Addison side).

You can also see the reconstruction of the dormers on the left field side (where the ramps to the upper deck go) in photos 35 and 36. Similar work will have to be done on the right field side of the ballpark before Opening Day.

Speaking of Opening Day, the Cubs home opener against the Pirates is nine weeks (63 days) from today, April 8. Baseball will be here soon!