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Tom Ricketts releases statement on Joe Ricketts’ email controversy

The Cubs chairman has responded after his father’s racially-charged emails were exposed this week.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Monday, the website released a series of emails sent to and received by Joe Ricketts, father of Tom Ricketts, chairman of the Cubs.

The content of these emails can only be described as “racist,” among other things.

Both Joe Ricketts and Tom Ricketts released statements regarding these emails

From Joe Ricketts, via his personal website:

“I deeply regret and apologize for some of the exchanges I had in my emails. Sometimes I received emails that I should have condemned. Other times I’ve said things that don’t reflect my value system. I strongly believe that bigoted ideas are wrong.”

From Tom Ricketts, via a Ricketts family spokesman:

We are aware of the racially insensitive emails in my father’s account that were published by an online media outlet. Let me be clear: the language and views expressed in those emails have no place in our society.

My father is not involved with the operation of the Chicago Cubs in any way. I am trusted with representing this organization and our fans with a respect for people from all backgrounds. These emails do not reflect the culture we’ve worked so hard to build at the Chicago Cubs since 2009.

I think it’s important to highlight the first sentence in the second paragraph of Tom’s statement. While much of the money that went toward the purchase of the Cubs came from Joe Ricketts’ sale of Ameritrade, Tom and his siblings are the ones who are the Cubs’ board of directors, as noted on the team’s website (and note that Tribune Company, whose stake was sold to the team last month, is still listed).

Earlier today, I mentioned that I had removed a reference to this that Duane had placed in today’s Cub Tracks. On further reflection, I believe that was a mistake. This is an issue that does affect the Chicago Cubs, whether we want it to or not, and so I am now presenting the two statements made for you to read and discuss.

Please keep the discussion civil and non-political. Thank you.