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Wrigley Field construction update: February 6

The weather has turned nicer and construction is in full swing.

The snow in Chicago is gone (for now, anyway), and so BCB’s Sara Sanchez headed over to Wrigley Field to take a look at the progress of the 1060 Project:

The weather has gotten substantially warmer in Wrigleyville and there is a lot of activity at the ballpark. You can see a crane in right field moving metal off a flatbed truck. Near the marquee a mechanical arm was lifting metal up to the area where additional club capacity is being built.

You can also see work on what I’m now convinced are additional elevator capacity in left and right field. These are the buildings that are currently teal. I imagine that’s primer that will be covered up soon.

The most interesting work is difficult to see in these pictures. There is metal work in left and right field in the new seating area. The progress this offseason has been remarkable. Baseball returns to the North Side of Chicago on April 8.

I concur with Sara that those left and right field corner structures are elevator shafts. We’ll just have to wait and see exactly where those elevators will be delivering people during ballgames.

We hope to have more photos here over the weekend.