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Major League Baseball is renaming the disabled list as the ‘injured list’

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There’s a good reason for this.

Pedro Strop suffers a hamstring injury in August 2016
Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

For as long as I can remember, baseball players who were injured were placed on something MLB called the “disabled list.”

That’s going to change, writes Jeff Passan at ESPN:

Major League Baseball will rename the disabled list as the “injured list,” a source familiar with the plan told ESPN.

The league will make the change out of concern that the term “disabled” for injured players falsely conflates disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports.

This does make sense, as injured players aren’t “disabled,” they are simply recovering from things that don’t allow them to play baseball for a certain length of time. And along those lines, this news is also important:

The rules of the DL -- which has gone through different incarnations since its institution in 1966 and today includes a 10-day version for short-term injuries and a 60-day version for more severe ailments -- will remain the same, the source said.

Thus the proposal from the players to return to the old 15-day version apparently won’t be happening, which means that there will once again be an Iowa Shuttle for Cubs relief pitchers this year.

It is, however, going to be very difficult to refrain from writing “so-and-so went on the DL” or “so-and-so was DL’d.” Somehow, “going on the IL” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

But we will adjust as time marches on. And let’s hope the Cubs have to use it far less this year than in 2018.