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The Cubs might play baseball in London in 2020

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MLB is starting its London series this year, but next year our favorite team might go to the UK.

London Stadium, where the Cubs might play baseball in June 2020
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Major League Baseball will be playing its first-ever regular-season games in Europe this June when the Red Sox and Yankees will meet in London on June 29 and 30.

Hang in there until 2020, Cubs fans, when you might have your chance to see your favorite team in the UK:

Two people familiar with the discussions tell The Associated Press that Major League Baseball is considering one of two matchups for its 2020 series in London: New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals or Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity Friday because no announcements had been authorized. An announcement is expected after opening day this year.

MLB teams playing in venues outside the USA and Canada is a great tool for promoting the game. Besides this year’s Red Sox/Yankees games in London, MLB games have been played in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan and Australia. The linked article further points out:

Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement calls for a 2020 opener in Asia, April games in Mexico, May games in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic and June games in Britain.

The Athletics and Mariners will be opening the 2019 baseball season in Tokyo March 20 and 21, with those games expected to be very popular with Ichiro Suzuki likely wrapping up his outstanding career by appearing for Seattle in those two games.

If the Cubs do go to London in June 2020, I’m definitely heading over there. Wouldn’t miss that for anything. It would be the Cubs’ second international series, as they opened the 2000 season in Tokyo with two games against the Mets.

The games would be played at London Stadium, originally built for the 2012 London Olympics and also the venue for this year’s Red Sox/Yankees series.

Here’s how London Stadium will be configured for baseball this June, along with ticket pricing:

Here’s hoping MLB does indeed select the Cubs and Cardinals for games in London in 2020.