Music Thread A-Z (Part 7) S,T,U

We made it to part 7! Who'da'thunk? So this thread is for S,T,U. The Stu thread, if you will.

In case you missed it in the last thread, the rules for U have been altered.
You're allowed to use any artist/band that starts with U.... OR ... you can use any song that
starts with U in its title, regardless of artist. The song, Unleash My Record Player, comes to mind.
(Yes Hairy, I made that one up.) The rules for Y will be the same as U.

You can only use the same artist/band twice in this series, so keep that in mind.
The last alphabet thread of this series will be for Y, Z, Numbers, and a bonus option for Symbols.
Numbers will be any artist/band/song title that has a number in it.
It can be a numerical number like "1", or a written out number like "one".
Symbols will be any artist/band/song title that has a symbol it it. Symbols will be considered
as anything that is not a letter or a number. The Symbols idea was courtesy of TC. Thanks TC!

Coolio came up with a fun idea for the very last thread of this series.
It will be called the Regrets Thread. You can list 10 favorite songs by artists/bands that you
have not listed anywhere in this series. Only one song per artist/band, obviously.

SchnetzNole, Bret, MN exile, Hariy, Coolio, and I have all taken turns going first.
Someone else please start this one off.

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