MLB to PDX? "Its gonna happen".

Yesterday, members from the Portland Diamond Project spent the day on the radio. There was the usual rah-rah stuff, but a few interesting things sprinkled in.

Mike Barrett did a 45 minute interview and discussed their conversations with MLB and the commissioners office. He said they have been in open and fairly consistent contact with the league. That multiple teams have contacted them, regarding re-location, including a couple of teams that "you wouldn't expect". He also mentions that the commissioner said in Seattle that "we have to put a team in the Pacific Timezone, so you know what that means". And said that the current CBA has language regarding action on realignment and reduced travel, this ties to the comments about needing to put a team out here.

I wouldnt expect anyone to listen past the 12-ish minute mark, as they get pretty local after that. But prior to that there is good talk about the league and expansion. Also, later on, he mentions that their lawyer is Irwin Raij, who brokered the Dodgers sale and the Carolina Panthers deal. Raij lives 3 blocks from MLB offices in NY, and has a great relationship with them. When asked about odds, Barrett said that when he asks Raij, he responds with "Its gonna happen"

Obviously these guys have an agenda, but it seems from what he can tell us that they are well ahead of public perception, and we could have baseball in Portland in 2023.

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