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Wrigley Field construction update: March 22

Sunshine and milder weather mean Opening Day is soon!

BCB’s Sara Sanchez visited Wrigley Field Friday and filed this report on the 1060 Project:

It’s warmed up a bit in Wrigleyville although don’t let the sun fool you, it’s still bitterly cold in the wind and the Wrigley Field construction crew is working overtime to ensure that the ballpark is ready for the home opener on April 8.

Every corner of the ballpark is busy, with workers putting the finishing touches on improvements in the left and right field grandstands, placing new metal work on the upper deck, and cranes lifting materials across the entire park. The crew is in good spirits. A few of the workers waved or flexed as I took pictures today.

There is also a crew of workers digging across the street from the Cubs office on Seminary making improvements to the players’ parking lot. This project was approved late in the process and is a compromise between the Cubs and residents who didn’t like the temporary tent structure and above ground walkway that blocked Waveland before and after Cubs games.

With only 16 days to Cubs baseball at Wrigley Field, I imagine the frenzied pace of construction will continue.

BCB’s David Sameshima will be at Wrigley over the weekend and so we’ll have more photos soon.