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Here are some 2019 Cubs predictions... in haiku

A little bit of fun as we begin the new season.

Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers
Willson Contreras celebrates a two-run home run in spring training
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s the day before baseball and that is the perfect time for predictions. However, since every writer under the sun is doing predictions today and I also wanted to mix it up. So on the advice of our very own Vermont Cubs Fan, I decided to do these predictions as haikus.

You’ve been warned.

Projection systems

PECOTA is wrong
The Cubs will finish ahead
Of at least the Reds

2019 PECOTA projections for the NL Central
Baseball Prospectus

I trust in Fangraphs
Cubs will win the division
but it will be tight

2019 Fangraphs projections for the NL Central

Javy Báez

Magical tagging
Stealthily stealing bases
And a power surge

Kyle Schwarber

Schwarbs going oppo
Has 40 home runs in him
Throws out more runners

Kris Bryant

KB is healthy
His season reminds all fans
Of 2016

Kris Bryant during spring training
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Anthony Rizzo

It’s a career year
And Anthony finally
Wins an MVP

Anthony Rizzo singles in the Wild Card Game
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pedro Strop

Strop is the closer
Cubs fans wear #HatsLeft all year
He gets 40 saves

Pedro Strop celebrates striking out Ian Desmond
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wily Lefty Vets

35 isn’t old
When you’re Lester and Hamels
Each wins 18 games

Kyle Hendricks

Hendricks’ extension
Will be worth every penny
He just gets guys out

Yu Darvish

Darvish is healthy
The comeback will be awesome
Turns boos into “Yu”s

Yu Darvish throws during spring training
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

And there you have it
My top 10 Cubs’ predictions
Comment with your own!