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Wrigley Field construction update: March 26 special aerial edition

More overhead views of the ballpark.

Courtesy of aerial photographer Curtis Waltz, we have some new overhead shots of Wrigley Field, taken Tuesday, March 26.

In particular, you can get better looks at the work in the left- and right-field corners as the new seating/patio areas are closer to being completed.

Also, new sod has been laid for the season to begin. Obviously, some landscaping/grounds crew work has to be done on the field, but they’ve still got 11 days, and last year the excellent Wrigley Field grounds crew got the field in excellent playing condition despite the fact that they had less time to work and the weather was worse.

Seeing shots like these, with Wrigley Field in bright sunshine and getting close to the home opener, should get you ready to watch Cubs baseball tomorrow from Arlington, Texas, as the 2019 season officially opens.

The home opener is one week from next Monday! April 8, vs. the Pirates, Can’t come soon enough.

If you like Curtis Waltz’ aerial photos of Wrigley Field, please check out his other work at