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Wrigley Field construction update: March 2

There’s been significant progress since our last update.

BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon and filed this report:

I visited the ballpark on Saturday afternoon. The former Taco Bell building is now gone. The exterior of the elevators in both the right field and left field corners appears to be finished. A new staircase has been installed, in the left field corner of the bleachers.

A moment of silence, then, for those of you who frequented that Taco Bell.

::: moment :::

All right, let’s move on. The biggest changes here are the exteriors of the elevators; in the darker green, they will be less noticeable. Also, you’ll note that new staircase in the left field corner. After the extension of the bleacher concourse, the staircase has been put back essentially exactly where it was before. People with bleacher tickets will still need to go down those stairs to get to the other side of the ballpark.

Opening Day for the Cubs in Texas is less than four weeks away, and the home opener on April 8 against the Pirates is five weeks from tomorrow.