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Here are the Cubs Community Night giveaways for 2019

A different way to get some cool Cubs gear!

Jackie Robinson Day community day cap

Al has already written the definitive BCB guide to 2019 Cubs promotional items however this year there is a second set of giveaways with its own set of rules. It’s sort of like the secret menu at In-N-Out, but for baseball swag.

To take advantage of Cubs Community Nights (and they are calling them “nights” even though some of them are day games) you need to buy your ticket online through the Cubs Community Night link. That ticket will entitle you to pick up the item associated with your ticket in Gallagher Way before the game. Since you’re buying your ticket online you will have to pay more in fees than you would need to pay at the box office, however unlike other promotional items you are guaranteed to get your item as long as you pick it up by the fifth inning on game day:

Am I guaranteed to receive the Community Night item?

Yes. Unlike gate giveaways, where only the first 10,000 or so fans receive the promo item, every fan that purchases a Community Night ticket will be guaranteed the giveaway item (unless otherwise specified with a specific limit). Items are only guaranteed if claimed on the day of the Community Night.

There are some pretty great items. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you can pick up a dragon on the marquee bobblehead on April 23 when the Cubs play the Dodgers:

Game of Thrones Bobblehead
Cubs Community Nights

The Cubs are also honoring lots of different professions including teachers, health care workers, the military, law enforcement and firefighters. You can see the Teacher Appreciation Night giveaway below:

Teacher Appreciation Night Block Calendar
Cubs Community Nights

If you’re a Big 10 fan or alumni the Cubs also have you covered with gear to rep your favorite school and your favorite baseball team at the same time:

The Cubs are also taking the time to celebrate the diversity of their fans with Hispanic Heritage Night, Women’s Empowerment Night and a special Pride giveaway:

Cubs Pride Sunglasses
Cubs Community Nights

Last, but certainly not least, the Cubs are celebrating their smallest fans on a bunch of different days including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Youth Softball and Baseball Days:

Youth Baseball and Softball Hat
Cubs Community Nights

Check out the entire line up of giveaways and access the special links for purchasing these great tickets at the above link.