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Wrigley Field construction update, March 6: EXCLUSIVE aerial photos

You won’t see these Wrigley photos anywhere else.

You are no doubt familiar with the aerial photos of Wrigley Field taken by Curtis Waltz, who tweets them often at the @WrigleyAerials Twitter account. Curt’s photos have also appeared on this site from time to time.

Wednesday morning, on a bright, sunny (but cold!) March day, Curt went into the air to take these photos exclusively for Bleed Cubbie Blue.

I asked Curt to go into close detail on various parts of the Wrigley construction project that we’ve been discussing here. So in this photo set there are detailed photos of the right-field and left-field corner work as well as the upper-deck patio work. You can see there’s one crane remaining on the field, in the right-field corner. Some seats have been removed, which will have to be replaced before Opening Day, and some of the new seats have not yet been installed.

There are 84 photos in this gallery, so it will likely take you a while to look through all of them and see the progress of the 1060 Project through Wednesday. Opening Day, Cubs vs. Pirates on April 8, is now just 31 days away!

If you like Curtis Waltz’ photos, check out his other work at