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Cub Tracks comes up big in the clutch

The Friendly Confines are ‘a serious comfort zone’, Yu Darvish is fencing with the neighbors, and other bullets

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago Cubs
hold that pose
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A message from our sponsor: Cub Tracks has been working on condensing these articles somewhat. Related material is now included in the same line, rather than getting separate bullets, unless there’s something in an article that bears a closer look. The first-linked article is usually the one I judge to be the best of the lot. Just FYI. We now send you back to your regular programming.

Beats the ledge. I’m still keeping the window open, though, at least to let in the fresh air. Remember, here at Cub Tracks, we do not create #narrative — we preserve #narrative.

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Food for thought: