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A Wrigley Field snow day

Sunday’s game was postponed, and you haven’t seen the ballpark quite this way in April.

The Cubs/Angels game scheduled for Sunday afternoon was postponed due to snow, wind and cold temperatures in the Chicago area. Oddly enough, this happened exactly one year to the day when a game between the Cubs and Braves was played in absolutely awful weather conditions (though, no snow that afternoon).

BCB’s David Sameshima was out running errands on this nasty morning about 10:30 and stopped by the ballpark to take some photos of Wrigley in the snow. There’s actually quite a bit more snow on the ground now, mid-afternoon, but sorry, I’m not going out in this mess. I never left the house before the game was called at 8:15 a.m. CT.

David told me, “The weather was so bad that the sleet was stinging my face due to the high winds. It might have been obvious, but the Cubs elected to continue running advertisements on the marquee, rather than displaying a game postponement announcement.”

Also included above are some photos from inside the ballpark via Patrick Gorski of USA TODAY Sports.

The Cubs will head to Miami later this afternoon, though at the moment there are some delays at O’Hare Airport. I’m sure the Cubs will be happy to be playing in warmer weather for the next three games, no matter whether the roof is open or closed at Marlins Park. They’ll be back at Wrigley Field Friday to face the Diamondbacks. The weather forecast? “A chance of showers.”