A look at Cubs', Brewers' and Cardinals' days off

The discussion about when the Cubs will make up Sunday's snowed-out game at home against the Angels prompted me to look at how the Cubs' scheduled days off in 2019 compare to those of the Brewers and Cardinals.

All 3 teams have 20 days off, not counting the 4 days at the All-Star break.

By the end of April, the Cubs will have had 6 of their 20, to 5 for the Cardinals and just 3 for the Brewers.
The Cubs then have 3 days off in May, to 4 for the Brewers and Cardinals.
The Cubs have 2 days off in June, to 3 for the Cardinals and 4 for the Brewers.

In July, the Cubs have 4 days off; the Brewers and Cardinals, 2 each.
In August, the Cubs have only 3, to 4 for the Cardinals and 5 for the Brewers.

By the end of August, all 3 teams were scheduled to have 18 days off, followed by 2 each in September.
But if the Cubs-Angels game is rescheduled for Aug. 26, as seems likely, the Cubs will have only 2 days off in August, giving them a grand total of 4 in the final 2 months of the season (and 3 in the final 42 days).
In August and September, meanwhile, the Brewers are scheduled to have 7 days off and the Cardinals 6.

Here is the month-by-month line score of off days, from March through September:
CHC....1.....5.....3.....2.....4.....3.....2 = 20
MIL.....0....3.....4.....4.....2.....5.....2 = 20
STL.....0....5.....4.....3.....2.....4.....2 = 20

As you would expect, there are multiple peculiarities among those days off.

The last of the Cardinals' days off is Thursday, Sept. 26, the day before the final weekend of the season.
The Cardinals will have played every day, Sept. 10-25, concluding with 4 games at the Cubs, Sept. 19-22, then 3 games at Arizona, Sept. 23-25.
After their final day off, the Cardinals will host the Cubs for 3 games, Sept. 27-29.

The Cubs' last off day is Monday, Sept. 23, after the 4-game series at home against the Cardinals, which completes a 10-game homestand begun with 3 games each against the Pirates and Reds.
After the off day on Sept. 23, the Cubs will play 3 games at Pittsburgh.
So if the Cubs and Cardinals are battling for first place in the final week of the season, the Cubs will be playing on the last Thursday, while the Cardinals will be off.

The Cubs' only other day off in September is Sept. 4, between 2 games at home against Seattle and 4 games at Milwaukee.
The Brewers have the exact same 2 days off in September, the 4th and 23rd. They will play 2 games at home against the Astros on Sept. 2-3, before hosting the Cubs on Sept. 5-8.
The Brewers are home against the Pirates on Sept. 20-22, are off on the 23rd, then finish the season with 3 games at Cincinnati, followed by 3 at Colorado.

In August, the Brewers are off on 4 straight Thursdays, Aug. 8-29.
The last of those dates is the day before a 3-game series at the Cubs.
While the Brewers are resting on the 29th, the Cubs will be finishing a 3-game series in New York against the Mets -- the Cubs' only 3 road games in a 14-game stretch from Aug. 20-Sept. 3.
That Aug. 30 opener of the 3-game series between the Cubs and Brewers at Wrigley Field is listed as a 1:20 p.m. start, and the Cubs' game in New York the previous day is set to begin at 7:10 p.m. Eastern.

The Cardinals will play 20 straight days, June 4-23.
Neither the Cubs nor Brewers currently are scheduled to play 20 days in a row.

On April 29 and May 2, the Cubs will be off on Monday and Thursday of the same week.
That is the only time they will do so all season.
The Cardinals will do it twice (May 20-23, June 24-27) and the Brewers 3 times (May 20-23, June 10-13, Aug. 12-15)

The Cardinals will be off Monday and Friday of the same week, July 29 and Aug. 2. Neither the Cubs nor Brewers will do that.

All 3 teams have 2 instances of days off Thursday of one week, then Monday of the next.
The Cubs will do it April 18-22 and July 25-29; the Brewers, July 25-29 and Aug. 8-12; and the Cardinals, May 23-27 and Aug. 8-12.

The Brewers are the only team among the 3 with a Wednesday off one week, then Monday off the next week, May 29-June 3.
They also are the only team with a Thursday off one week, then a Wednesday off the next, Aug. 29-Sept. 4.

The Cardinals have a Friday off one week and a Thursday off the next week twice, April 12-18 and Aug. 28.

In all, the Brewers and Cardinals each have 7 instances of 2 days off within 6 days, while the Cubs have only 3.
Here is the breakdown, using the standard 3-lettter abbreviations for the team to make the results line up better:

Mon-Thu of same week:
MIL 3, STL 2, CHC 1

Mon-Fri of same week:
STL 1, CHC 0, MIL 0

Wed-Mon of next week:
MIL 1, CHC 0, STL 0

Thu-Mon of next week:
CHC 2, STL 2, MIL 2

Thu-Wed of next week:
MIL 1, CHC 0, STL 0

Fri-Thu of next week:
STL 2, CHC 0, MIL 0

MIL 7, STL 7, CHC 3

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