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Check out NBC Sports Chicago’s ‘Outside the Ivy’

A new Cubs postgame show with our very own Danny Rockett!

Outside the Ivy
NBC Sports

The Cubs face off against the Phillies at 7:05 p.m. CT tonight at Wrigley Field for game three of a four-game set. After the game, NBC Sports Chicago is launching a new postgame show called “Outside the Ivy.” The show will air after the traditional postgame show and should be a postgame show for fans by fans. The Chicago Tribune reports that it will also have special editions panned for events such as the Crosstown Classic, the All-Star break and the MLB trade deadline.

I’m sort of picturing an update of “Bill Swerski’s Super Fans” skit from Saturday Night Live, but you know, with da Cubs instead of da Bears or da Bulls. In case you haven’t seen the Super Fans:

The show will feature Michael Cerami and Luis Medina from Bleacher Nation plus Bleed Cubbie Blue’s very own Danny Rockett (who you may also know from cool events like John Baker Day and his popular podcast “The Son Ranto Show.”)

Earlier today I asked Danny about the show and he said he’s “excited to talk about the Cubs with Luis and Michael on television instead of at Nisei Lounge.” In all seriousness, he hopes everyone finds it entertaining and he “couldn’t be luckier to joining the NBC Sports family and is having a great time putting this show together.”

Even if you’re not in the Chicago area you can check out the show on multiple platforms, including a live stream on the NBC Sports Chicago Facebook page.