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My friend caught a HR and the Phillies broadcasters made it their defensive play of the game

This is fun.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After the Cubs had taken an 8-3 lead over the Phillies Wednesday night, Andrew McCutchen smacked a solo homer into the left field bleachers in the top of the eighth inning. The ball went on a low line drive into the first row near the well.

My friend Wally caught the ball. A ball was thrown back on the field. And ... well, watch:

Wally is wearing the Albert Almora Jr. jersey and you can see him making "the old switcheroo," as the Phillies broadcasters noted. Good work by Wally, and props to the folks at NBC Sports Philadelphia for making it their Defensive Play of the Game. Glad to know other teams' broadcast crews can have some fun with things like this. And the Cubs won the game, so we here can all laugh about it too.

And yes, Wally still has the real ball.