Most Memorable Game I Attended

NLDS Playoff Game 4 in 2015 at Wrigley Field Cardinals vs Cubs.

I had no intention of going to this game. Couldn't wait to watch it on TV though. The Cubs had hit their stride during the second half of that season and they were becoming the team we were all hoping they'd become. It really felt like we were finally going to put the stinking Cardinals in their place and take over the Central Division and this was going to be the game that put the baseball world on notice - the Cubs were good and they were going to be good for a long time. So while I was very pumped for the game I had no intention of going.

On my way to work that morning I heard a commercial for that game. Something about that radio ad struck a cord with me. I don't know for sure but I think Pat Hughes did the voice over and he described how historic and epic that game was going to be... After the commercial a little voice in the back of my head said "you need to be at that game." I mulled it over and thought to myself, "Can't do it. Wife is out of the country, no one to watch the kids, and there's school tomorrow." Little voice said, "No, you need to be at that game today." How? Little voice said, "take the kids." OK, I guess that's possible. Dumb and irresponsible but possible.

Got to work. Looked up ticket prices... Too much... "Quit making excuses." It's four hours to Chicago under the very best of circumstances, the game starts at 3:15, Chicago traffic. It ain't happening. "You're being an absolute wimp. You're going to be pissed when this turns out to be great game. Do it." At 10am I bought 3 great tickets. Told my boss I was taking a vacation day, got my kids out of school - Surprise kids! - and started heading to Chicago.

So it's like 10:30 when we start heading east. "Kids we're going to the game but we're going to miss I am hoping no more than 3 innings." I've never driven in Chicago and not had traffic heavily impact my drive. Not so on that day. We got to Chicago and it was like we had the city to ourselves. NOBODY was driving. There was zero traffic. None. We got to our seats right after the National anthem finished. Way to go little voice!

Piscotty then hit a two run homer in the first and now I am thinking I just wasted a ton of time and money. You suck little voice. You suck bad. But then in the third Jason Hammel hit a two out single to score a run off of John Lackey. The crowd went bananas and then Javy - God bless that man - hit a three run homer that left me screaming and high fiving every person within 3 rows of me. It was unbelievably loud and that old stadium literally shook.

This is getting long. We all know the Cubs won. Soler threw a guy out at the plate. Heyward in a stinking Cardinals uniform threw somebody out at the plate. Schwarber hit a homer that's still on top of the scoreboard. Rizzo jacked one out. Seemed like Maddon used the entire bullpen that night. I remember Cahill, Rodney (went wild when he did the bow and arrow thing), and I think Rondon finished it? Took me two days to recover. Exhausted and emotionally spent. It was just fantastic. Simultaneously one of the dumbest and greatest decisions I ever made.

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