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Welcome to Cuppa Cubbie Blue, BCB’s podcast

We’re excited about this and hope you enjoy listening!

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This post has been updated — you can now listen to any episode of the podcast directly from the link below.

Happy Sunday, Cubs fans!

We’re pretty excited to launch “Cuppa Cubbie Blue” today, the first official podcast on Bleed Cubbie Blue. You can listen here on Bleed Cubbie Blue, or find us wherever you get your podcasts. This 20-30 minute podcast will be a series by series look at the Chicago Cubs including news, updates and some banter between the hosts.

Speaking of hosts allow us to introduce ourselves! Cuppa Cubbie Blue is brought to you by me, Sara Sanchez and Andi Cruz Vanecek. You might know me from articles about bat flips like this, or snapshots of incredible plays. I’m going to keep writing those, but I’m also really excited to bring you some Cubs updates and news on this podcast. I am also downright thrilled that my friend Andi agreed to join me on this wild ride.

Andi Cruz Vanecek is a life-long Cubs fan living in St. Louis (right?!) in a family divided between Cubs and Cards loyalties. You can find her previous writing at ESPN Des Moines and you should follow her on Twitter for Cubs insights and news.