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Cub Tracks walks it off

Heyward’s star turn, the Hendricks experience, and other bullets

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MLB: Miami Marlins at Chicago Cubs
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

“Whose turn is it tomorrow?” —Jim Deshaies”

Sometimes it gets old having to deal with the sideshows that come with the circus always being in town. The Cubs aren’t yet in Yankees/Oakland A’s territory yet, let alone the North Dallas Forty-Five, but there always something there to remind me that this ain’t my sainted grampa’s Cubs. Or are they? He had Hack Wilson and guys like that in his past. Hell, grampa worked part-time as a bagman. He used to take me on his rounds.

Just think if there had been 24/7 paparazzo coverage of Wilson, let alone the Babe or that old Georgia Peach. Cap Anson, anyone? The lot of them would talk themselves out of jobs faster than you can say Jimmy the Greek. Or Al Campanis, for that matter.

Wow, that got dark in a hurry. But the point remains — this is not pointless drama, nor is it new. “The human drama of athletic competition,” remember? Racial issues and bad actors have ever been part of the story of America’s pastime. But still we aspire to a higher ideal.

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Food for thought: