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Cub Tracks’ Rocky Mountain low

Cubs lose by a whisker, CarGo cult cheers, iceholes in the Antarctic, and other bullets

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one of those kinda days
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

How you doin? I know... the other team played the Bomber, too.

“... ujhjbnnnnnnnnn”, says Chicken Butt, expressing his feelings about that game. I assume there’s little positive embedded in that indecipherable statement. I feel similarly... that was a frustrating affair, but they play again today and I hope for a better result. He’s already changed the channel.

Cat TV

And so have we. It’s just one game... Carlos Gonzalez had a warm welcome, anyway, and made a nice catch.

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes. As always, * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome). {$} means paywall. {$] means limited views.

Food for thought:

Thanks for playing along.