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Wrigley Field construction update: June 3

Just a brief overview of some changes at the ballpark.

There isn’t much construction news at Wrigley Field these days, but certain things about the 1060 Project that weren’t completed at the beginning of 2019 are now being wrapped up.

The right-field corner of the ballpark at Addison & Sheffield had been boarded up, with boards painted green, when the season opened.

Now, as you can see in the photos above taken by BCB’s David Sameshima on Monday, the boards are gone and from the street, you can see large windows. This area is described at

Due to ongoing construction in this area throughout the season, the club will not be available in 2019. The new space, which is scheduled to be completed in advance of the 2020 season, will feature an enhanced design and elevated food and beverage offerings while continuing to deliver best-in-class service. We will share additional details as they are finalized in the coming year.

So that’s what we are probably looking at — a new food and beverage space, likely open to the public. As you might recall, there was a space similar to this on the lower level in the right-field corner, called at times the Sheffield Grill or Decade Diner. That area is now open and has concession carts, currently hosting the Chef Series (which Sara Sanchez will review later this week).

You’ll also note in photo 1 the new dormer above the upper deck (that’s the cover to the ramp where people walk up to or down from the upper deck) is not quite finished, but it will be soon.

Also included in the photoset above are two photos of the tribute the Cubs made to the late Bill Buckner before Monday’s game, first, a photo on the video board, then the board went to black while a moment of silence was observed. That was followed by a warm round of applause for Billy Buck, a nice gesture from the Cubs.