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The Cubs are ‘pushing hard’ for Craig Kimbrel

The plot thickens

Still the weirdest pitching stance ever
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Cubs bullpen has done a pretty good job over the last couple of games, both victories. Pedro Strop has returned, Steve Cishek has been solid and Carl Edwards Jr. finally looks like the pitcher we all hoped he’d be.

Still, the reports that the Cubs are interested in Craig Kimbrel persist, and now, from one of the most respected national reporters, we hear this:

The usual caveats apply here, in my view. Kimbrel wasn’t great in the second half of 2018, wasn’t great in the postseason and hasn’t thrown in a game at all since October. If he’s signed, I wouldn’t want him on a big-league mound until at least the beginning of July, if not later.

Also, I don’t think I would want him on a multi-year deal, not at this time, anyway. For maybe $6 million or $7 million for half a season? That might work.

As always, we await developments.